Structural Steel

Wal-Dor Metal Fabrication produces and ships structural steel for construction projects in the K-W area and throughout southwestern Ontario.



Why structural steel?

Structural steel is strong, eco-friendly, and it can be shop fabricated with a high degree of accuracy for new buildings or additions.  Ask us how we can assist with your project.



Why not ‘concrete forms’?

Because structural steel is carefully designed and detailed through 3-D modelling and then shop fabricated before it arrives on your site, your construction project will be quicker, less prone to costly inaccuracies, and less vulnerable to bad weather.



Versatile and Cost Efficient

Structural steel is stronger and has a higher strength to weight ratio than other industrial building materials. This facilitates greater efficiency of space and a less costly foundation for your building design.


Wal-Dor provides shipping in Ontario and throughout Canada and the United States. Call 519-662-2820 for an estimate.

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