Wal-Dor Metal Fabrication Services


Wal-Dor Industries provides custom metal fabrication in stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum

and miscellaneous metals including:


- metal preparation and assembly

- shearing, sawing and braking

- weldments


Detailing and engineering services are available as required.



We have provided many custom fabrication solutions for our clients, including:


Industrial Stairs and Railings


Wal-Dor Industries custom fabricates steel and aluminum staircases, railings and landings for industrial and

commercial buildings, for both indoor and outdoor use.


Shipping and Assembly


Our custom, metal fab staircases are ready to assemble onsite and we provide shipping if needed.



Tanks & Bins


Whatever your specifications, we custom fabricate tanks and bins for industrial production applications.



Compartment Bins


Compartment bins can be custom fabricated to meet your industrial storage requirements.



Silencers and Mufflers


We custom fabricate industrial silencers and mufflers according to your specification.


Wal-Dor provides shipping in Ontario and throughout Canada and the United States. Call 519-662-2820 for an estimate.

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